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12-07-2012, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post

In regards to the last line there, it's not the union workers taking months off to get in a pissing match with their employer. Their employer locked them out and said if you don't take a pay cut you can't work here. Most people in the real world have the option to go elsewhere for work, NHL players don't necessarily have that option. The comparison you make does not fit this situation, in my opinion.
Knowing Fehr's history there's no way the owners could risk starting the season and then taking the chance of the players walking away in the middle ie the previous baseball strike.

The players unlike more people have plenty of opportunity to go ply their wares elsewhere in the world, hence the number you see playing overseas. Your average worker doesn't have the means to pack up and move in the hope of getting another job.

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