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12-07-2012, 09:42 AM
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Just tweeted out by Tony House were the Player of the Month for November....Blasko...yep had a great month....Guerriero....agree, kid is always stellar....White for Rookie??? Come on folks....I am sure that White is a great kid and to get 7 pts as a 16 yr old on a middling team is very commendable, but to not vote for Kelly Summers of the CPC is flat out moronic!

Summers had 14 pts in the month of November....4 games of 3pts all the while (from what I have found out) logging major minutes with injuries on CP's back end... As a bloody 16 yr old! He is their leading scorer in Dman totals as 16 yr old....He is also not a liability on defence, but the direct opposite, stellar from what I have heard.

Again, not sure how these things are picked, but to me, just because a kid wins it the previous month, should not exclude him from this month, if his play warrants it!!! This is not Kindergarten, where we all have to share.

Congrats to all the winners, even White, who did have a great month for a 96...but just not as good as Summers.

And no I'm not a relative of his...just a hockey fan, who likes to see things get done the right way...with out politics!

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