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12-07-2012, 09:52 AM
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Ken Dryden brings up something I almost did in my last post

I thought part of this play by the players, even at the expense of salary, was to try and oust Bettman. That would be a huge win for them, even if it doesn't have any actual monetary value. He pushed them into three lockouts and they want some revenge.

His point doesn't quite reach that far, but it's about players feeling like they've won something in this lockout because they lost so much in the last one. And because it was already assumed (and taken for granted by so many posters in this thread) that they were going to lose from the get-go, they needed to feel some semblance of victory.

Out of one negotiation into the next, every winner needs to win more. Every loser needs to get even.

For Bettman, there were the spoils of victory – a big boost in salary. For the losers, little by little reputations need to be rebuilt, self-images boosted, moments created where pride can be felt again.

The owner-player dispute this time may seems to be about the money, but it’s not. To understand it you have to “follow the pride.”

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