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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
In October Fehr claimed the sides were far apart and rejected Bettman's best offer take it or leave it deal, as make whole was coming out of the PA portion.

Then in November when negotiating began again it was now suddenly coming out of the NHL HRR% cut, but wait not all existing contracts (of $451 mil outstanding) just $211 as their "best offer & final" take it or leave it offer.

In December we just witnessed make whole go to $300 mil and more and more player rights demands relinquished that they had previously demanded in prior take it or leave it proposals. Now finally Fehr and the PA agreed that on the money portion the two sides are in agreement with this becoming a 50/50 HRR% partnership once past contracts are honoured ($300 mil of $450 mil owing).

So now Bettman claims all previously offered things are once again off the table, yet we have seen time after time that "best and final" definition mean little when Bettman tosses out those words as his PR rhetoric, while still claiming he wants to play hockey this year. Well everyone is smart enough to realize if you start moving further apart rather than together on issues that divide the parties that strategy lacks common sense in hopes of completing a successful negotiation. He acts like a little kid and every time he doesn't get his way, he whines and then says he's taking his ball and going home and doesn't want to play/negotiate any more.

If he claims that his last offer was truly his best final offer, and it was rejected on his Yes or No demands, instead of negotiating on other matters, then he should cancel the season because we know that the answer was NO!! ..

So we have to wait until his next "best & final offer" to appear presents itself, when he is done pouting that he didn't get his way this time. The entire hockey world particularly Fehr and PA can recognize that each time Bettman comes crawling back the CBA improves for the PA, in terms of LESS claw-back demands by the Owners which all began with outrages demands to start, and slowly but surely (but painfully) change with each Final Offer by the NHL.
It would of cost the NHLPA $531,052,068.42 (from all of the players) in lost wages to get the $90,000,000 added on for some of the players. Now, some of that 1/2 billion in lost wages also bought some other contractual demands for the players but I don't think the players who have lost the money will ever make it back when they sign.

These negotiations have passed the point where the players will ever make back the money they lost by not signing in October. To sign the contract in October was the best thing, monetarily, the current players could have done for themselves and therefore was the best deal for them.

The professional negotiator must realize when the best offer is on the table and when they have taken it too far. The NHL will present another offer and it may include some of the contractual concessions the players want but how much is it going to cost, real dollar wise, each current player.

As far as Bettman acting like a little may have a point but Fehr has really been ridiculous as well. His stalling tactics and constantly being late for meetings is both disrespectful and amateurish. When I say disrespectful I mean to the owners, other negotiators and even to the fans. Last nights press conference left me truly angry at his use of the fans emotions in this process.

Both parties need to stop worrying about the PR game and get the game itself going.

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