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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Interesting comparisons. I think a lot of people think Mullen's place of birth helped him get in. So Francis would have been 19th in career scoring in 1996. That's pretty crazy, considering he only would have had 2 top 10 finishes in points by then. But you're right, it's probably enough to get him in, though probably not first ballot.
Oh no question in my mind it did. He was the first American to 500 goals, that was a huge deal heading into his induction. He was a very solid player for a long time, and as a result put up some real nice numbers. But that said, I'm not convinced that he was even as good a player over his career as Tkachuk, or Roenick, and maybe not even Weight when era's considered. And all 3 of them are considered rather borderline candidates for the Hall.

Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
I'm not as sure. Hart or no, Pronger in 2004 was considered injury-prone, overpaid and a horrific

If he retires in 2004... Does his Hart get lumped in and written off with Theodore's as a result of voters getting tired of always giving it to forwards?

I think he gets remembered as a promising blueliner who took ages to develop, then had a couple years as a top-flight guy, then had the serious wrist injury and a number of playoff flameouts. Is that legacy as good as Rob Blake's? I'd say no... Because Blake was clutch guy. And Blake appears to be a borderline HHOF candidate in some corners.
I honestly think pre-Lockout Pronger would have been looked at in a similar vein as Neely to be honest. 3 AS teams vs 4, but with a Norris, Hart, 1st team and 2 second teams vs 4 second teams. IIRC I don't really think Pronger had the reputation as being a dirty player until he played a couple years in Anaheim. Hard nosed, physical, absolutely... but not dirty. I think not having the negative rep in that regard would have helped him. Then again I wasn't following the west nearly as much when he was on St Louis so I might be completely off-base there... wouldn't be the first time.

Neely definitely had stronger playoff performances on weaker teams on his side by retirement vs that point in Pronger's career.

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