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Originally Posted by Morguee View Post
It would of cost the NHLPA $531,052,068.42 (from all of the players) in lost wages to get the $90,000,000 added on for some of the players. Now, some of that 1/2 billion in lost wages also bought some other contractual demands for the players but I don't think the players who have lost the money will ever make it back when they sign.

These negotiations have passed the point where the players will ever make back the money they lost by not signing in October. To sign the contract in October was the best thing, monetarily, the current players could have done for themselves and therefore was the best deal for them.

The professional negotiator must realize when the best offer is on the table and when they have taken it too far. The NHL will present another offer and it may include some of the contractual concessions the players want but how much is it going to cost, real dollar wise, each current player.

As far as Bettman acting like a little may have a point but Fehr has really been ridiculous as well. His stalling tactics and constantly being late for meetings is both disrespectful and amateurish. When I say disrespectful I mean to the owners, other negotiators and even to the fans. Last nights press conference left me truly angry at his use of the fans emotions in this process.

Both parties need to stop worrying about the PR game and get the game itself going.
I'm not sure how many think the players don't know the money that is gone is gone.

Some players who went through the previous Bettman lock-out have come out on both sides after the fact. I've heard some say they'd do it again and others say they should have signed. Many did it for the players coming next like previous players who fought this recurring CBA battle, right back to the first union.

Players know they are making a sacrifice.


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