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12-07-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
Because every NHL proposal so far has been take it or leave it, yes or no. The NHL has been very stoic about trying not to negotiate at all.
However, since they have used the ultimatum technique everytime they present an offer, yet then proceed to back-track and come back a few days later with a better, revised take it or leave it offer.
That seems to suggest, if you want to take the time to see the pattern emerging, that they basically are going to continue to cede ground so long as the PA keeps turning down the ultimatum offer and insisting on negoatiating.

I'm not sure how you've managed to miss the obvious, but apparently you did.
I haven't missed the obvious. This was a players-owners meeting to bridge the gap. Moderates were brought in by players request. NHL never put a stipulation on amount of players and who they were. Moderates offered more money on make whole out of good faith while other owners wanted it taken off the table. They asked for a yes or no. After the morning the owners left and meeting was continued to pushed back. That is why only Daly and Batterman showed up, they were looking for a yes or no not a counter.

PA goes ahead and says we have belief we can have an agreement soon just after they made there counter when NHL was looking for a yes or no. NHL didn't make an announcement last night that they believed a resolution was imminent. It infuriated the Bettman and the owners and that is why we saw that #### show on tv last night.

It was a childish game.

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