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12-07-2012, 10:45 AM
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NHLPA is just letting Fehr ruin the season. I have said it before, I will say it again:this is all about Fehr and his ego. Screw the players. Cancel the season and find a way to bring in replacement players to start a new season.
The owners went up by almost 100 million, intelligently want a 5 year limit on contracts knowing that SOME of the owners are stupid enough to try and manipulate any loopholes they can to fix their team without considering the negative impact on the game as a whole, and also added a 10 year term of security for the players, owners and fans. What happens? It is not good enough for the players. Wait, the offer was not voted upon by the union, but just voted down by the representatives? Yes, tell me how Fehr is trying to make things better for all of those average players with 6+ year long contracts... Fehr's "reputation" and the elite players' pockets are all that is being looked out for, at this point.

Thank goodness I am getting into Basketball more and more. I have not missed hockey as much as I thought I would, and am having almost as much fun in the basketball pools I joined as I have in the hockey pools.

It is time for the players to try and convince their union reps that the union should be representing all of the layers, not mainly the Crosby's. That was a great deal that just got scuppered.

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