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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
I'm not sure how many think the players don't know the money that is gone is gone.

Some players who went through the previous Bettman lock-out have come out on both sides after the fact. I've heard some say they'd do it again and others say they should have signed. Many did it for the players coming next like previous players who fought this recurring CBA battle, right back to the first union.

Players know they are making a sacrifice.
I'm sure Ted Lindsay and Doug Harvey would be proud that they are fighting the good fight. Things have changed a lot, this isn't even the Alan Eagleson era. If I am a player I would be asking myself is it worth me losing millions of dollars so a kid can sign a 7 year contract which varies by 75% from year one to year 7 instead of a 5 year one with little variation. Is it worth me losing millions so I can do this again in 8 years rather than 10. The pendulum has swung in the last 30 years to the point where these sacrifices aren't needed.

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