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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
To change the topic a bit.....

I am so tired of the hatred towards Crosby. Maybe it is because my son-in-law is a Pens fan and I can take the hate glasses off and see him from the other side. He is a fierce and passionate competitor who will do anything to win. If he were a NYR, we'd love him. The things he does to irritate us, we would forgive and applaud. We accepted Ulf Samuelson, Sean Avery, Matthew Barnaby, and other players who were among the most hated players in the league and hated by us until they got here.

He takes his role as the best player and the spokesperson for the game and symbol of hockey seriously. Everything he did over the last few weeks was done with the best intentions. Sure he wants to get back on the ice and earn his big bucks (who wouldn't?) and that was of course part of his motivation, but he thought he could have a positive impact for the good of the game.

Give the guy a break. He was acting with the best of intentions.
Sorry, I don't applaud the crybaby attitude as if he is owed everything and can do no wrong. Part of that is definitely Bettman and the NHL's fault for provoking that attitude/mentality, but Crosby makes it so vividly clear on the ice. Not to mention the dives/embellishments of contact on him as well as the cheap shots he sneaks in when the refs aren't looking just like at the end of last year in that PIT/PHI game. Him and Malkin both do it.

No break from me here.

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