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12-07-2012, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Morguee View Post
I'm sure Ted Lindsay and Doug Harvey would be proud that they are fighting the good fight. Things have changed a lot, this isn't even the Alan Eagleson era. If I am a player I would be asking myself is it worth me losing millions of dollars so a kid can sign a 7 year contract which varies by 75% from year one to year 7 instead of a 5 year one with little variation. Is it worth me losing millions so I can do this again in 8 years rather than 10. The pendulum has swung in the last 30 years to the point where these sacrifices aren't needed.

People. We have seen how many lockouts in the last number of years? Time to break the mold, enough of the five year deals because fans deserve better, the game deserves better. Don't tell me players have been treated well over the last decade. With an average salary of 2.4million, min of 575k they are paid handsomely. People think these ten year + deals are ok for the game. Look what they have done to NYI and others. You do that for 20 years with a bunch of players and a franchise goes into the sewer. This is crazy now. 5 Year term and 7 for your own player is more than generous. We have a management team that shies away from this but in Leaf land if we wanted we could have had all these players. It's all about money and eventually the money comes from the fans.

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