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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
I would disagree. It seems that a large number of people started off in the NHL camp, because of the large stream of misinformation the NHL fed through the media on the initial offers, when everyone's interest was still sharply focused on the proceedings.

As things drag on, it is becoming more, and more clear that the NHL is the one draggin their feet in the mud, and using awful negotiation tactics. Fehr has a great track record. The MLB and MLBPA haven't had any labour disputes once Fehr took over. MLB is a profitable organization, despite having some of the highest payrolls in pro-sports.

Fehr is being extremely consistent. He is doing the same thing in the NHLPA he did with the MLBPA. And he's seeing consistent success, as the NHL back-peddles faster and faster as time goes on.

At this point, dissention is growing within the owners' ranks, and not so within the NHLPA, at least not in the same degree (one or two NHLPA members out of several hundred compared to 5 or more owners out of 30).

The most important thing to note, with these negotiations, is that the NHLPA WANTS to play hockey. They are NOT on strike, they are not picketing, they are not motivated by money (AS YOU CLEARLY POINTED OUT YOURSELF, THEY ARE LOSING IT WITH EACH MISSED GAME), they have said repeatedly, they just want to play hockey.

I'm seeing more and more people coming over to the NHLPA's side, as the NHL continues to show, after each passing day, their unwillingness to negotiate and make a deal that is fair to both sides.
I stopped reading there. You have zero credibility now.

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