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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
I really don't think you're wrong to suggest had Ziba been Canadian, he'd be playing for Canada. But if you think it's because the Canadian management of this Canadian team is out to weaken Sweden to help Canada...that's lunacy.

If it were the case, it's because the country pretty well stops for this tournament, as annoying as it can be sometimes, the backlash could be immense. They'd probably let him join Canada if he was Canadian, but they probably wouldn't think it's best for him. They'd feel like they have to release him. AS far as RNH goes, he's already been around a PPG in the NHL at 18, the Oilers probably don't care where he's playing over Christmas.
Thats the exact opposite of what I was saying. Canada is the country that has been hit the hardest by having good youngsters in the NHL (If you dont look at the total number of players each country has) through the years. I dont think he's stopped from playing for Team Sweden to give Canada an advantage.

The other part is just speculation. Some players grow in these competitions, some players dont. There is nothing to suggest he's gotten any worse because he won a gold for Sweden.

I'm having issues with Ottawa thinking this is the defining moment of his career, thinking he's somekind of a special case that dont get to go to the WJC, whilst everyone else from the AHL is going.
I might aswell blame Ottawa for ruining his career by throwing him into the NHL too early and not letting him get there gradually, there I said it. Should he become a failiure - I've got the single specific reason to why right here.

No, that's really not how it works is it.

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