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12-07-2012, 11:09 AM
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Nice pickups, Doug. As always, you have to hope the CL holds up. But a good defense is pretty important. Obryantj has made a living off of his ridiculous defense/goalie. Nobody even puts shots on goal anymore. He's defensive Mid probably helps, but damn that's a good defense.

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(Button Mashing)


I get jack squat time and time again and you get 3 in one pull that're better than anything I've had in months and months! I'm even debating scrapping my 100% YT SDs and just saying f^(|< it!
I've tried to make it stop! I even talked about it on PPM trying to jinx myself. That seemed to slow it down for a bit, but... It's back. Maybe.

A hidden benefit to this madness is the money it's going to save me. I can't build SA14 because 13 is working out so well. And once this thing dries up, it'll be pointless to build 14 because I'll have used up all of my youth pull luck. That saves me what? 230M for SA13&14? Plus daily expenses. Yay

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