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12-07-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
How so? In both cases the CBA had expired. The owners started the season and then the players walked, so what exactly would have stopped the NHL players from doing the same thing? Their love of the game / fans? They've shown how much they care for both already.
Before the baseball strike, the owners had just been caught colluding to hold down player salaries, and had to pay an almost $300M fine. (Not an insubstantial sum considering player salaries of those days.) On top of that, the owners started witholding pension payments, and taking other punitive measures.

People also tend to forget that a strike was the only recourse left because of MLB's antitrust exemption. Consider the recent NBA and NFL lockouts. Once the players union decertifies, they can then file anti-trust lawsuits against the league, and take their chances that way. (This is an option that the NHLPA is considering too.) The NBA and NFL players used this tactic as a negotiating tool, and presumably the NHLPA would plan on doing the same thing.

MLB players had no such option. Since MLB has a congressional antitrust exemption, the players can't decertify and sue on antitrust grounds; the lawsuits would be thrown out. The players had two options; Continue to play and let the owners do whatever they wanted, or strike to force negotiations.

Antitrust laws are the key here. The players, under Fehr's leadership, have no reason to strike.

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