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12-07-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey View Post
My hate toward this lockout is 100% focused on Garry Bettman because he had a white check from the PA in 2005 to make a revolutionary (as they called it themselves) CBA and 7 years later this perfect CBA is not good enough to support the poor team in poor market... Garry is going all in with this lockout so he can save his ass of poor expanding the league. How could Bettman sell it to the leafs, habs, rangers of this world (100% sure they promised them significant income from further expansion of 300m$ x 2) if the season is lost tough, i'm not sure the leafs and habs would be too enthusiastic about that tough..
Sorry, but it takes more than 1 guy to get the lockout to where it is. If you think Gary has this much control, you are mistaken. He's a puppet.

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