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12-07-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Greschner4 View Post
Yep == as opposed to Bettman, now on his third lockout, third or fourth "best offer" in this negotiation, and creator from whole cloth of an utterly unnecessary, last-minute "hill to die on."

Bettman also is the proud holder of the world record for most games lost by a league.

His latest ploy of "let's see if the players will close a deal without Fehr," and then hissy fit, was the very height of amateur clown.
The PR machine was in fine form yesterday.

Shock and disappointment. Shared sacrifice. A deal is imminent. Two weeks. 30 franchises with an opportunity to be healthy. Cheaper tickets for fans. A partnership with players.

What's the point of picking a hill to die on when you have more hills than a cat has lives.

Originally Posted by CpatainCanuck View Post
How's this for an idea: all the Owners and Players take an IQ test. Which ever group has a higher average gets to write the CBA.
I'm not as convinced this measures what you think this measures, but the owners already had a chance to work the skills that they've cultivated and which clearly put them at an advantage. Negotiating business deals is what they do all the time. We also know what players do for a living.

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