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12-07-2012, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Tafkak View Post
It is intensely annoying when someone compares every day working class people and pay-cuts to wealthy millionaires who will see their share of (what used to be) a 3.3 bil. business cut to 50%. Perhaps it would behoove you to go back through the previous threads and understand why so many of us are pro-owner in this debacle.
I understand why it might be annoying to most people, but the poster you quoted is right. Yeah, they are millionaires, yeah, it is VERY hard to feel for them because they got rich playing a game we all wish we were good enough to play at the pro level, yeah, they are arrogant and cocky sometimes. However, their labor situation isn't any different than a regular labor dispute. Sure, I expect them to be WAY MORE leniant towards change than a normal worker, because giving back somethings in order to keep the business healthy won't make their life miserable like it could a normal worker, but I also understand why they are trying to get the most they can out of the process. That's how labor negociations work. Forget the big dollar figures for a moment and ask yourself if you would accept such a deal if it was your boss offering it to you. Probably not. Nobody would.

Should the player accept the deal that is on the table? Yes, because it doesn't hurt them that much. But to say that their labor dispute can't be compared to a regular worker's because they are rich, I don't agree with. Is their situation different? Yes! Should they be aware of that and be ready to give more than a normal worker would in order to maintain their privileged status in our society? Hell yes! But to say they should give in to any demands because they would be millionaires anyway, I don't agree with. It is pure jealousy in my opinion.

In the end, I think a FAIR DEAL for both parties could easily be reached if BOTH SIDES where willing to give JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE! It is *** absurd to break up the process over minor details. Is it Fehr's fault? Is it the owners' fault? I don't give a ****, it is just UNREAL that they can't resolve those issues. I know Bettman and Daly say those are major issues, but I'm not buying, you don't sacrifice a season over things like that, especially not when the other side is ready to accept your concept and only tries to negociate on term.

Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
My understanding is different; what I took from it was that as soon as Bettman and Fehr came back into the process, (and some player evidently leaked this to a media person whose name I forget), Fehr told them "not to take the deal; that we could get more".

To me that's as cut and dry as it gets unless someone can discredit the media person.
Yeah, looking at this your way, it sure looks bad on Fehr. However, I maintain that it is utterly ridiculous for the owners to claim that those issues are worth being "the hill we die on". It can be negociated quite easily because both sides are basically speaking the same language. They are so close yet so far appart, it is pretty sad.

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