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Originally Posted by CroHabitant View Post
Why no Zintis Zusevics on roster ? He is playing for Graz99ers in EBEL league (where my local team plays). His stats aren't that good, one assist in 27 games, but in age of 18 as a foreginer he founded place on roster in men's league that is heavily relying on AHL level of imports.
The simple thing is that he's not good enough. EBEL is a good league but they have tested him and he hasn't shown anything much against other candidates. The same probably goes for Semjonovs who's not that bad in Swedish Division 1 but it's division 1 and our roster is deep this year. Even without the drafted duo, CHL trio and Kuzmenkovs from Belarus league (or Klavins from Elitserien if he comes) and Andersons who's played for his NLA side in a few non league games... Also MHL guys Bukarts, Dašutins and Jeļisējevs are over or close to 20 points there, last year at this time of year Roberts Lipsbergs had like 8 points or sth there and he was the top MHLer on the team...

As regards Tambijevs, you can hate or not hate him but please provide alternatives to MHL guys (except Klavins). Guys from Liepāja, MHL B division... you can take Kulda and Lipsbergs and compare how MHL and MHL B levels differ if you go to WHL next year.... A guy said that he doesn't like Kulda's stats... well, but it's no surprise that he's not a top scorer there as this is a completely new level for him. There is quite a big difference from MHL and MHL B, like between KHL and Belarus league. Sure Liepājas Metalurgs youth play great in MHL B but just look at how last year's MHL B winners are doing in MHL this year... They suck. While HK Riga is at least fighting for play-offs. It's one thing to beat Moldova hockey team 11:1 and another thing to play vs Moscow CSKA or Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey teams...

As regards Klavins case, all I've heard from his ''friends'' is that he doesn't like the coach (the hated Tambijevs) and Tambijevs in the interview repeated that he has the same information. The invitation to the previous training camp was issued- he was a no show. Please also note that we have not heard anything from Klavins, his side of the story (if Tambijevs is evil and a liar) so... maybe there's no other sides to this story. Also Tambijevs said that the list might not be complete and players still could be added, so all we have to do is wait. No doubt it would be cool to have him but if he doesn't want to come.

Tambijevs knows his HK Riga guys, he knows wht they can and cannot do and he knows that they have played at a similar level to the WJC (at least much similar than MHL B level is) and MHL guys have proven how good they are already last year when Jevpalovs and Lipsbergs, Kuzmenkovs and others were the leaders of the team while some others (including Klavins) flopped...

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