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05-30-2006, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Mtl6
Yeah Downey is a tough intense defense aware guy...I like him and I would definatly sign him.
If he is that likeable in the dressing room, good guy all over, and so on and he accepts the role of the 13th forward all year long, this guy is a keeper. No rookies should ever have to play this role.

And I love potatoes....

But for me I would love to give away :

Ribeiro (If he' still our #2, don't expect us to be a contender)
Simpson ( the same could applies to him like for Downey, if he's ready to play the 7th d-man all year, we probably should keep him.... )
Aebisher (for picks or prospects)
Dandenault ( I stil don't like him, still thinks that to become better guys like him should be send packing...Remember the Dandenault that we liked is the guy that gave it all on the last games against Carolina, he won't give you that this coming year and we still be on his case.....I think we should hope some other team saw that and want him....)
Souray (If we get an upgrade via UFA, I wouldn't mind seeing him go but it has to be for a great return, still believes he has a good value in the league)

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