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Originally Posted by Mumbler View Post
So they were not for sale in May but were for sale in September? He was asked in May right?
If you dig into the history a bit, it comes up that they were available earlier. I think it's documented in the thread which confirmed AEG is up for sale.

Originally Posted by aj8000 View Post
I see it a different way. If the players wanted to stop the player/owner discussion, then why would the owners stay to negotiate with Fehr? It makes complete sense that the owners would revert back to the original format as well.

Fugu, I am surprised that you are so pro player in this discussion. You always seemed to have a balanced approach to discussions.
Actually, I'm anti-NHL/Gary Proskauer Rose, not pro player. I don't like the way the league is run, and if you follow my posts on the topic of the cap range system, you'll know why I believe it's wrong economically for the league.

I already offered that the players may have simply reached a point where they knew their limit. Pushing them to continue on the terms the owners found comfortable was, at best, unfair, and at worst, an attempt to exploit-- imho.

Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
nor will the nhl sign a deal, that continually hurts the so called small market teams

1 coin 2 sides
The NHL's system has hurt the small market teams, inclusive of having let UFA age drop to 27 from 31. The NHL already signed that deal in 2005. Why are you so certain this fixes a systemic problem?

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