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12-07-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I want the owners to win on the term limits, but they ****ed up. Simple as that.

You can't keep saying this is a take it or leave it offer, then blow your tops and create a circus when the PA is still negotiating. Imagine if the PA started taking things off the table, offered take it or leave it deals etc.

Burkle and Tannenbaum vow to stay until a deal is reached, then they stammer off after three days? Seriously?

Fehr continues to make Bettman and the owners lose their composure and act like fools. They need to keep calm and stop taking this so personally. It is business. I expect that some of the players will act like fools, because there is 700 of them. The owners should know better.

Now as Crosby said, the trust is gone. The league has to stop with these take it or leave it deals, stupid threats, etc. If the owners aren't careful, I'm beyond certain Fehr will get the PA to decertify, take the cap off the table, etc. Say what you will about Fehr, but the man has shown he can keep a union strong, even if they drive themselves over a cliff.

Fehr isn't going to play games. He doesn't bluff or care about the game. He cares about pushing an agenda and as I said before, Bettman brought this man on all of us. So Bettman needs to man up and stop with his charades as well as the owners, and hammer this out. They aren't going to remove Fehr from the table... Playing those games keeps getting the union more and more angry.

It is beyond ridiculous right now.

That sums it up pretty good. Fehr is an ass, always was an ass and always will be an ass, but he was brought there because Bettman and the owners have been acting the way they are now for more than a decade. The players got frustrated and turned to an evil they didn't fully understand (thank you Chris Nolan).

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