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12-07-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by the fife flyer View Post
I said I didn`t want to debate with you again, but if you insist.

Read this and then you`ll see why

Funny though. Your team scrape a draw at home, with the mighty Arbroath, in front of 7,500 fans. Lose at home to ICT, qualify for the Champs league last 16 and you still want to talk about The Rangers

Who`s obsessed again?
I thought it was interesting that they were still getting the gate receipts when you're boycotting it. Not just because it's Rangers. For the record, I think the decision to donate the money to charity is pretty good.

If I thought you were capable of even having a half sensible discussion without resorting to petty insults I wouldn't have a problem with you. Are you? I've plenty of Rangers supporting mates who are. Anyway, I don't want to ruin the thread for everyone else.

Enjoy your celebration at the weekend (even if the numbers are a bit controversial).

P.S. You can't just make up attendance numbers and think everyone will believe them. It was a poor attendance but what do you expect when we have Champions League tickets to buy this year. Christmas is coming up, and you know that Glasgow isn't a wealthy city. A lot of us travel to the away games (not me - poor student. Spent all of my money on the three game package Well worth it though). Rangers might get good crowds for the 3rd division but you have to take into account the difference in prices. Hell, you were giving tickets away not too long ago.

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