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12-07-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
Yesterday was so entertaining, yet so depressing. I've never seen GB like that. That wasn't primarily anger towards Fehr or the NHLPA, that was frustration. Frustration with a process that was moving along nicely until a change was inexplicably made.

Process going good, players and owners meeting.

S. Fehr/Daly at podium together, wow, things going nicely

Moderate owners, who are known to want to play and solve this, are positive.

The next day, despite progress being made, players insist on changing format. Mood changes. Things blow up.

I'm far from GB's biggest fan, but that PC was the complete and utter truth. It mirrors exactly what was said by the moderate owners, some of who were incredulous and visibly pissed at what had happened. No rebuttal by Fehr. No response so far. No denying anything that Bettman said. The players' were not commenting after his PC, but their body language said all that needed to be. I'm curious to hear what the players' response is to GB, if there even is one.

If I'm a guy who just wants to play, I'm pretty upset right now. The representatives at that meeting just completely alienated every ally they had on the owners side. When owners like Toronto are angry, guys that have everything to lose with a lockout, you know that what transpired was completely self-destructive by the NHLPA.

My take, anyways. Surprisingly, I don't think this will impact whether we have a season or not. There are always one of these big eye openers in any CBA negotiation, usually close to the time a deal is made.
Good take. Clearly, if the owner contingent from Pittsburgh and Toronto are upset, then I would say the NHLPA really ****ed up by pulling the carpet out from under the seemingly good momentum that had been built up.

The Fehrs are jerks, no two ways about it.

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