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12-07-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
But people never expected the Kings to be doing much, it's not like the expectation that Lakers fans have for the Lakers.

There's teams in the league where the regular season really doesn't mean much, the Lakers, Miami, Spurs, OKC even though they don't yet have the hardware. Even Memphis has graduated to this point now the group they have now knows that what happens in the regular season doesn't mean ****. They've moved past the point of "omg playoffs Grizzlies rule!" Spurs, OKC, Miami, Memphis all have had great starts to the season in terms of record, the thing is those fan bases don't really care, because they know in the grand scheme of things having a shiny record in November/December means nothing.

This is why it was funny when some people thought it was such a big deal that Miami went down to the Wizards, my twitter feed was blowing up with Miami haters "omg they lost to the Wizards what a joke", the 72 win Bulls team lost to the expansion Raptors, it means nothing. Funnily enough my twitter feed was blowing up today with people ranting on about how amazing the Knicks are, relax Spike.

Once you graduate to being part of the elite of the league, the regular season is just warm ups for the big dance, each sport has this group, and of course it changes over time. Then there's the teams that aren't part of this group, and expectations and levels of excitement are much different. If you're a Blue Jackets fan, you're going to get a lot more giddy over starting say 8-2 than you would if you were a Pens fan. The Pens and Pens fans know those 10 games don't mean ****, shiny regular season records mean nothing when you get bounced in the playoffs early, which has been a pain the Pens have had to deal with in recent times since the cup run. Clearly Knicks fans are still in this getting giddy over such things stage, unsurprising when they have been starved of success for so long. But you'll understand why fans of teams who have been in the hunt for a long time now really couldn't care less about your first round playoff exit last year and your hot start to this season and why they couldn't really care less about their own teams hot starts either. The Knicks are 14-4, OKC and the Spurs are 15-4, those fans aren't stamping around about how they are one of the top teams and needing to point out to everyone how good their record is and that they are the top team in the league and whatever, because those teams and those fans know that your record right now means very little.

The thing is, Knicks fans think this is some sort of vendetta against the Knicks, that people are trying to hold the Knicks down or diminish the Knicks achievements, but that isn't the case, because fans of teams who have better/similar records hold the same lack of caring about their own teams strong start as the do the Knicks strong start. Of course, it's better to be 15-4 than 9-10 (Lakers dig come at me) but once you get to the playoffs nobody cares what your record was in November/December, and come next season, nobody cares what your record was in the regular season if you got to the playoffs and did nothing. In a couple of seasons, if the Knicks continue to make the playoffs and cement themselves as a team that is "in the hunt" then you'll be in the same boat. Maybe.

Canucks have had back to back 50+ win seasons, made a big song and dance about it, ultimately won nothing. Went through a few years of hearing how awesome San Jose was with all the regular season wins they were notching up, anyone care? this is why nobody cares about your hot start to the season, and nobody cares about your record after changing coaches and getting blitzed first round.

This is a lot of nonsense and sounds like sour grapes.

I'm not denying the Knicks embarrassing ineptitude from 2001 up until the day Dantoni resigned at all. They were a joke of a franchise and were deserving of what they became.

The Heat, however, were a joke of a franchise who went from a reputation of being a garbage expansion team to being playoff home court chokers.

In fact, it took PJ Brown going street on the Knicks for the Heat to even get past the 2nd round.

Please stop comparing the Heat to the Lakers in terms of reputation and expectations. The Heat sustanined nothing after winning the title in 2006. Before getting Lebron, they had four straight years of either not making the playoffs or getting spanked in the 1st round.

Man, the Heat sure are NBA royalty with 18 of their 23 pre-Lebron seasons ending in either the 1st round or not making the playoffs at all.

But the Miami Heat wrote the book on playoff choking. But I'm going to guess you werent much of an NBA fan during all those 1st round chokes.

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