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12-07-2012, 12:48 PM
Steve Kournianos
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Sorry, but it just pisses me off when other fans try to tell the fans of another team how to feel.

Gotta love the chain of events:

Summer '12: "The Knicks were a fluke under Woodson. They are too old. They let Lin go."
Preseason '12: "The Knicks are too old"
After opening night: "The Knicks were lucky tonight. Fluke win."
After five games: "The Knicks aren't elite. Who have they beaten?"
After 10 games: "It's only November. The Knicks have been lucky. They're old"
After 15 games: "The Knicks have weaknesses. Brooklyn is a better team"
After 18 games: "The Knicks havent won a title. The regular season means nothing"

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