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12-07-2012, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by CBJenga View Post
Again, what have the owners offered the players that wasn't simply taking less than the original offer?

The NHL keeps making ultimatums and take-it-or-leave-it deals. FFS, they said that bring back the head of the Union would be a deal breaker. You have to be on crack to think that that makes sense. Given how many 6+ year contracts were handed out last off season, calling a 5-year term "the hill they will die on" seems disingenuous to me. Or maybe we should only look at 7+ year contracts, because if 5 years is "the hill they will die on" then I would expect a lost season, and the owners knew that a 6 year deal would actually only be 5.
The misconception is that the players are doing all the giving because they proposed a 50/50 split of HRR, which reduced their share under the old CBA. Again, this was not the players "giving".. this was a move that had to happen. You can't claim you've given something when you really haven't.

And as far as the 6+ year contracts are concerned, everyone (including and especially players) knew that with the next CBA salaries would be rolled back, and that we'd likely see the end of long-term cap-circumventing deals. Brad Richards of all people being vocal in these meetings about the issue is a complete joke given how much he's made in the last two years in signing bonus money. And why is contract length so important to the players. I'd be willing to wager that the vast majority of contracts in the league are for less than 7 years -- why trash the season for something that really only affects such a small percentage of players?

This idea that the players were some innocent, naive, bumpkins getting bullied by the big, bad, businessmen owners is ridiculous. The players had legal counsel in the room.

And Don Fehr's comments last night were very dishonest -- if they were really that close to a deal why did he demand the return of a federal mediator? He's been shady all along by not being up-front with what the needs of the players truly are. It's pathetic that we're this far into the process and we still have no clue what the most important issues are for the players. First they said it was honoring existing contracts, so the NHL offered make-whole. Then players said make-whole wasn't enough, so the NHL added another ~100mm. Then players said contracting issues were the key. NHL relented on free agency and arbitration. Then out of nowhere (and on the heels of several stories about retired players being hurt by lack of pension) the players scream pensions is the magic bullet. The league worked with them on pensions, but the players screamed something else.

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