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12-07-2012, 11:57 AM
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Can someone help me understand revenue sharing?

I'm wondering if anyone can explain how the revenue sharing works in the nhl.

I understand how revenue sharing works between teams; financially, the top 10 teams contribute money into a pot that the bottom 15 teams can claim money from. The amount they can claim depends on a number of factors from over the course of the season (attendance % etc.).

But what I DO NOT understand is how the players are involved in the revenue sharing. I mean I know they were getting 57% with the previous CBA and that it is looking to be 50% on the new one. But how exactly does this affect players contracts, or how exactly is this percentage of revenues "shared" with the players?. W

I would like to point out that I do understand that the salary cap is determined by the previous seasons revenues. Which obviously over the last several years has been advantageous for the players because revenues have grown very healthily which has increased the salary cap thereby allowing individual players higher salaries... Is the cap determined by the players % of revenue sharing and thus is how the revenues are "shared" with the players or am I way off the mark in thinking this?

Also, how will this "make whole" agreement work for the players?

Sorry if this has been beaten to death and explained multiple times, I haven't been on the boards since hockey was cancelled. If it has been I am happy to jump to a link!

cheers for any help on this...

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