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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
It's always possible that the mixed use component will be dropped, but I'd prefer to see plans for a building that has 24/7 use that might get scaled back for whatever reason, then start out with plans for a structure that's guaranteed to only be used a few hours a day on a few days a week and have no way of expanding on it going forward because the funding has already been secured for what's been planned.
You're missing a bigger point. in 1992, Detroit voters passed a proposal by a 2 to 1 margin to ban public financing to replace Tiger Stadium. In 1995, the city council voted to overrule that but a group of people decided to put it on the ballot. In 1996, Detroit voted on whether to fund a new baseball stadium and/or to ban using public money to fund sports facilities. The new stadium proposal passed quite easily - albeit with a very small number of voters actually showing up and the ban failed. As a result, the Tigers got $40 million from the city, the DDA was extended out to Foxtown and they sold $80 million worth of tax exempted bonds and the state kicked in $55 million from the "Strategic Fund" even though the state legislature never even voted on it.

The mixed use element was a major selling point in getting that deal done and its one reason voters changed their mind so much on the issue. Ilitch never delivered. He never built any mixed use buildings and they havent restored any of the many abandoned properties they own either. Why should we give him more public money when he didn't build what he said he was going to the first time around? The public still owes at minimum $60 mil on CoPa - see my post of page 4 for the gory details on its funding. I'm not sure the public deserves to be fleeced again even though I do agree that the Wings desperately need a new arena.

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