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12-07-2012, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
Fehr's a piece of **** but I understand what he's doing. He's trying to squeeze every drop out before he signs. Whether it works or not isn't his problem since he has virtually nothing invested in either side once the deal is made.

Believe me...I hate the guy but it's his job to get the best deal possible for the players and this is how he's going about doing it. He doesn't care if the league's mad at him or the owners or even the fans. That's not his concern. The NHL has made at least two claims that they've offered their "best" and both times they've come back with more. Is Fehr hitting on a 20 this time? Maybe, but if that's the case I'm sure he could go back and get yesterday's deal back on the table.

He's paid to be the villain, do the dirty work and deflect as much blame off the players as possible. The second he was hired all of this become a very real possibility.

There is still a little left to give by the owners, such as going from 5% to 10% variance year to year on contracts. It was his job to slow down his players and try for that last little nibble. He miscalculated the emotional state of the owners though, asked for too much.

Now his job is to get that deal back, with just a little more.

This is under the assumption though that Fehr does not have his own agenda. If that is indeed the case, everyone is screwed because these owners will not yield like MLB has.

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