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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I don't agree with people here saying the NHL said "take it or leave it" and used a bullying tactic. I think that's such a cop-out for the players. The owners who were in the meeting Tuesday night bargained with the players. Each side picked SPECIFICS they needed in the CBA. Both sides obviously agreed as we heard tons of tweets about potential deal being done/optimism/progress/etc. Then when it comes time to present the deal, everything changes? Come on. That's what caused the issue. Fehr thought he could play the game and there was no game being played. That's why Bettman and Fehr were out of the picture.

So yes.. they agreed on specifics then wanted to change the specifics. Come on, folks. This is easy. The players said make this, this, and this right and you have a deal. The owners said fine... but we need this, this, and this. Players agreed. {Enter stage left - Donald Fehr} Everything changes Wednesday when we could be rejoicing over the new deal.

It's documented this way... the pressers show it this way... tweets show it this way. What else is left to discuss? This was a terrible move from Fehr. Terrible.
It's truly no more simpler than that Cole.

The whole point of this week was to take the so called leadership out of the equation on BOTH sides. Progress was made SPECIFICALLY because they took the two poison pills out of the room.

Then the players, who seemed to like everything coming from the other side, suddenly change their tune because they decide to bring Fehr back into the discussion, even though Bettman continued to stay on the sidelines.

Obvious bias on my side, but I trust Mr. Burkle's word over anyone involved in this mess.

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