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12-07-2012, 12:38 PM
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The way I see the fans' reaction to this whole thing is that most people just want their hockey back. The easiest and most likely way for that to happen as quick as possible is for the players to just cave to whatever the owners want and then they can just start watching hockey again. It has nothing to do with fair or not, or right or wrong, it has to do with getting what they want, when they want it.

I just find it really interesting that all these people on this site are siding with "The Man".

My thoughts on the actual lockout is that the owners are just railroading the players. In 2004, the owners got everything they wanted. They got 24% of salary back and they got their salary cap. Players "won" unlimited free agent rights (which they already had).

This time around, the owners are just going back to get everything they didn't get the last time. They want to go from 57/43 to 50/50 AND they want to limit players free agent rights. And what do the owners want give to the players to get that? You get a hotel room to yourself on the road if you've been in the league long enough...

So in general I'm on the players side of the negotiation, but I think they have royally ****ed up the PR battle. Fehr yesterday being front and center of that. Couple that with not "negotiating" until mid-September and I am equally as pissed at both sides.

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