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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
As predicted, I'm the only one who sees fault with Bettman.

He literally came out and said the league's offer was take it or leave it. The PA met them on many points, countered on the remaining points, and Bettman balked and "took it off the table."

How is that conducive to getting a deal done?

Then Bettman and the owners are whining that the players weren't "appreciative" of their offer, at which point they decided to pack up their toys and go home.

Who's being petty now?

That there is four pages here savaging Fehr for having the gall to negotiate with a counter words.
Because that's not even remotely close to what happened.

What happened, and was confirmed by players speaking anonymously is that the league came across on all issues and said "look, we'll move from our position and meet you on all these points, and we have a done deal. Let us know yes or no." The players acknowledged this was a great move and that they'd basically have a done deal. Then they left the room and talked to D. Fehr who told them "oh they moved? We can get a lot more out of them, come back and stonewall them, just say we'll take everything you just offered and more. I know you guys are more than willing to take the deal on the table, but we can get so much more out of them." The players went back and said "all those things we'd told you were the important things before? None of those are actually the important thing, it's really this so give us that and what you offered, and two more things and we can call it a day."

Essentially, the league's offer was more than acceptable to the players and the PA. But D. Fehr couldn't let this be over. He had to stop all progress, losing even more games over...what? Now he has a revolution brewing under him. Yeah, Bettman came to the podium, absolutely livid because of what Fehr had just done. Yeah, he took his proposal and went home with it. Do you know why? Because that's necessary in these negotiations. The last offer needed a special BoG meeting just to get permission to be made. The players demanded more, so the league had to take it back. It's a package deal, not a negotiating start point. The players were willing to vote on it too, but Fehr refused to allow it.

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