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12-07-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Gotye View Post
The NHL won't get anything done by the end of December. There is almost no way they can run a season from January-May(and include playoffs).

Unless the NHL forces teams to play 4-5 games a week(per team) and I don't see that happening. Injury bugs will pile up, and too much travel involved.

They'd also have to cancel any cross-conference games.

With that in mind, they should just call the whole season off by Dec. 31.

As for the draft order, the 1-7 picks from last year should get lottery treatment again, shuffle the 8-13 picks, the 14-20 picks...and again between 20-30.

I think letting the best teams have a shot at a top 5 pick isn't right.
You realze in 94 they played something like 48 games? And they made the deal just before the end of the January? These guys will do something like a 52 game season just to get enough games in, don't kid yourself.

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