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Originally Posted by Diamondillium View Post
Hey guys, my 18th birthday was this week and im going out with friends for drinks. Could anyone suggest a good place to go (preferaby pf the pub-like variety that's quieter and i can actually hear people talk)

New to edmonton and (obviously) also dont know any places due to being newly 18.
Well since you're 18, I'd suggest somewhere on Whyte. You want to go somewhere a little more intimate or "quiet", even though that's pretty much impossible for a Friday or Saturday night on Whyte, I'd suggest Elephant Pub, O2's, Tilted Kilt and maybe Black Dog. O'Byrnes too but these are slighlty older crowds. Otherwise I'd say you're better off just going to a restaurant/lounge sort of deal if you really want to talk with people and not be worried about music that's too loud. Another good place is Sherlock Holmes Pub but that's downtown. If I were you I would call somewhere ahead and try to get a table, then you don't have to worry about being able to sit and talk with friends, and in that case it really doesn't matter where you go, there's lots of places up and down the strip.

Happy belated by the way.

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