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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
He has cultivated the most adversarial and dysfunctional relationship with the PA imaginable. Just as the Versaille Treaty caused the rise of Hitler, the 04 lockout made the union hire Fehr. Rightly or wrongly, Betman makes the PA lose their minds. Failure

His strategy is always "let's torch our cities and they will starve first.". But this galvanized the PA by making it an allout war. No way this should have gone on this long. Failure.

he is a terrible face for the league. His condescending, arrogant, elitist, demeanor makes him easily
disliked. Perhaps unfair, but true.
How has he cultivated that adversarial PA relationship? What is it that he has done that makes the union lose their minds? He made the exact same revenue offer in August as the NBA did in their negotiations a year ago, raised the offer steadily by 2 week increments or so, which is, I'm sorry, text book negotiation strategy. You're saying people hate him so he must be doing something wrong without giving a reason why people hate him. I'm more inclined to think if I see one rational actor and another losing their minds, the fault probably lies with the side losing their minds.

In what sense is his strategy "torch our cities"?

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