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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
The question of losing franchises was posed to Bettman in the news conference yesterday. He didnít respond directly but obviously there is a big concern there. I wonder if the players have even considered the fact that revenues are going to suffer significantly no matter what happens now, and that 60 playerís jobs could very easily be lost with franchises folding up. Fehr talks like he cares about the game but he has carefully spoon fed and shaped the playerís perspective and manipulated the facts in many cases. The group think mentality that we have seen in public is short sighted on many fronts. Some players haved spewed off about Bettman treating them like idiots, and yet don't seem to see what's going on right under their collective noses.
Well, I'm not really going to get to get into the pissing match between Fehr and Bettman. I've been on the players side, however, the way it has been going lately has rubbed me the wrong way on both sides. At this point, it has just become a joke. That being said, I think we need to lose another season to force change. I don't think they should make teams defunct, just move them because there are viable markets such as QC and Hamilton, possibly Seattle as well. That's the no brainer move that hasn't been made and that falls completely on Bettman's head because he will not admit failure in Phoenix. Just say, "Hey, we did everything we could, it just didn't work out" There is absolutely no shame in that, but he is still too stubborn to do that. Then he compounds it by crying poor when it is those horribly placed teams that are making the NHL poor, not the players, not whatever else, just simply Bettman's bad ideas that didn't work out.

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