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12-07-2012, 12:50 PM
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So I had traffic court for the 1st time in 10 years today. Quite the experience but let me give you the back story.

On labor day weekend I was out with this girl that lives in Naperville. We wanted to go out for a few drinks but decided to avoid DT Naperville because they are crazy with stops on weekends like that. Plus the Last Fling was going on. She's in S Naperville so we go to DT Plainfield. It's about the same distance.

On the way back we hit a fricken check point in Plainfield. I had 3 to 4 drinks in 3hrs. I wasn't drunk by any stretch but the possibility of .08 concerned me. The last drink they gave me was rather stiff, I was drinking Goose and water.

Give the cop insurance and license but it's my previous insurance card. Didn't put the new one in the car yet. He starts huffing and puffing and says I need to follow a Lexus to the next part. We move on but don't see a Lexus. Come up to a point where they are doing safety checks on cars on the left. This cop asks me if I'm going in this line or I'm leaving. I tell him I'm leaving. We go to the right and the next cops motions us out back on RT. 59. At this point I feel like I Jedi Mind tricked my way out of this ordeal.

Then I realize I don't have my license. I have a duplicate but I start calling around the next day. Nobody can tell who was running this check point. Eventually Will County tells me if I didn't receive a ticket they will probably just mail my stuff back.

Well I receive a notice that I missed a court date for no insurance. License is due to be suspended. I never received a ticket! Nor a notice for a court date. I have insurance, didn't have my current card at the time.

Go to court today and as I'm called I present my insurance card to the States Attorney (who was smoking hot by the way). Judge berates me for not waiting to be asked for it.

"I hate when people anticipate what I'm going to ask!!" She is visibly shaking. "Do you know why you're here?!" I was like, um.... no insurance. "Why did you miss your court date?!!" I never received a ticket at this check point. "You seem mad!" No, I'm just tired. "ticket dismissed!". Thank you, do you know how this impacts that letter I received from the Secretary of State. "Oh, now you want something from me?"

What the hell? I felt like I was in dream land. During this whole episode the States Attorney was attempting to hand back my insurance card but was so perplexed she didn't release it. We held it jointly for a good 30 seconds. LOL.

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