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12-07-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
You guys are both right. Roy wanted to win before retiring. But the Jays at that point couldn't commit to spending enough money to put a team around him that would contend.

He would have gladly stayed if AA/Beeston/Rogers could have made him the same promise they did to Bautista... that they will make sure this team will contend during the rest of his time here.

So in a round about way... it came down to the money.
It wasn't so much about money for him, I don't think (though it's naive to think he would have signed for $15M to stay). The Jays were at a point where they had a crappy farm system with no elite talent, whereas when AA signed Bautista, he had acquired d'Arnaud, Gose and Lawrie as well as the arms in the draft that gave us such a strong prospect pool. For him, it was all about winning, and there was no chance of it happening here, which is ironic because trading him basically led to this team's current contention hopes.

Originally Posted by dredeye View Post
I would be very happy to bring him back to finish out his career here. He won't be the Roy we're use to I'm sure but he wouldn't need to be the ace anymore. I would love for him to finally win it all as a blue jay.
Having Halladay back would be amazing, and I think it really does come down to Philly or Toronto next year if he doesn't ink an extension and they decline his option (which isn't necessarily a given if he pitches well). I already think he's going in as a Jay, unless the perfect game and no-hitter somehow skew cooperstown into putting the Phillies hat on his head, but it would be nice if he wins a WS AND it's with the Jays!

I remember posting tongue-in-cheek at the time of the trade that by the end of his contract with the Phillies he could end up returning to a contending Jays team, and it's amazing to think that it could be a real possibility with the way things are set up

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