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12-07-2012, 12:56 PM
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I'd love to be more optimistic about this but it does seem like a clever ploy to get the Avs to pay up for him once the season begins.

IF he had spoken to Avs management about this prior, I don't see the point in signing a 2 year deal, so I'll assume he didn't. On top of that, this clearly indicates to me that negotiations during the summer certainly weren't as rosy as everyone seemed to think.

People tend to forget that RoR was given EVERY opportunity to succeed last season and after ONE good season (and 2 decent seasons as 3rd line center), he wants to break the bank as a 21 year old, 3 year veteran??

Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, I don't see this ending well. This is a poor miscalculation by his agent and about not knowing who you're dealing with. I believe it's going to backfire on him. This organization has NEVER been one to let the player 'put the screws to them' and I don't imagine it's going to start now, not as long as Pierre Lacroix is still breathing.

I can totally see the Avs starting the season and playing WITHOUT him and letting him 'rot' (in a manner of speaking) in Russia while every last one of his teammates is playing.
"Ryan made up his mind to sign in Russia as a RFA. I'm dealing with the players who want to be here".
Can't you just see comments similar to this one appearing as quotes in the Denver Post? Speaking of which, there is NOTHING on DPO on this at all. Dater must be at a KISS convention or something.

Then they'll trade him next summer for some defensive help. Looks like the "who is going to be the 1-2 punch at center" solved itself.

Hope I'm wrong.

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