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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
There is a rule allowing for emergency goaltender substitutions; if the team's dressed goaltenders become incapacitated, the team may use any readily available goaltender, be it a minor leaguer, third roster goalie, etc. In the past this has even resulted in junior/college players getting single-game tryout contracts if they happened to be at the game.
I seem to remember Mike Greenlay getting a call at an Oilers game on HNIC. If I remember right Ranford went down with an injury and so they put in the backup Grant Fuhr maybe and went without a backup goalie. Fuhr went down and if I remember right they actually held up the game for Mike Greenlay to get dressed. If I remember right, after the delay and all, Grant Fuhr decided he was ok to keep going and Greenlay stood in the entrance way at Northlands the rest of the game. It was actually a little amusing since back then, both teams didn't come through the benches, so he stood off on his own for the game.

Actually, Edmonton seems to have an issue with that for the visitors a lot. One of the Kings goalies went off with an equipment issue at a game I was at at Rexall and since the visitors don't exit through the bench area, he had to sit in the corner of the rink on a folding chair waiting for a stoppage in play to swap back with the goalie on ice.

I remember reading that in the pre-WWII era, most teams didn't dress backup goalies and didn't take a spare on the road. More than once a goalie was plucked out of the crowd when a goalie went down with an injury. I don't remember the names, but I believe the Habs were playing the Hawks in Chicago one night and the Habs goalie went down with an injury and the only other goalie in the rink that night was property of the Rangers. So hastily, the Habs had to contact the Rangers to get permission to "borrow" the goalie for the night. I might have the Rangers and Hawks wrong but it was definitely a Habs road game (my Dad is a big Habs fan and I read it in one of his Habs books). If I remember the story right, after this incident the NHL made it a rule that borrowing players like this was illegal and the Habs would have been forced to find a goalie who wasn't property of another team or dress one of their skaters in net.

What I am curious about is when the last time a team had to put a skater into net because of injury? I know at one time, goalies served their own penalties and this was common place. So I am curious after goalies no longer served their own penalties, when the last time a skater was forced into duty?

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