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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
The owners increased the amount for their make whole provision. They conceded ground and wanted CBA stability along with a limit on length of contracts. These are provisions that should not prevent the PA from accepting. Five years is a perfectly acceptable # for length of contract. Big name players can theoretically get two big money contracts.(certain players might get three) Free's up more money for players in the long run. This is just a greedy attempt to keep the top 1% as rich as possible while sacrificing the rest of the league. At least the owners dont pretend to be altruistic in their demands for more money. The players like to play it off like they are fighting for the little guy, when in reality they are doing the exact same thing as the owners.

Looks like Fehr fed them a spoonful of BS and told them that the players can get more concessions from the owners. That is a recipe for disaster.

David Stern called it nuclear winter if the NBAPA decertified. The NHLPA will have their nuclear winter and they will lose. Owners have a fallout shelter that can last for decades with enough food to feed a family of 40 for over a decade. Players have a one week supply of Ramen noodles in their basement.

Right now, if the owners agree to the PA's offer, they've won this thing big.

Why in god's name would they want to risk decertification?

Are they stupid?
The PA has given and given and given.

Compare their offer to what the league wants. Compare their offer to where we were a year ago in the old system..

The owners have won this thing. Why don't they accept the trophy and drop the puck?

I think it's because they lockout was always designed to go to a certain date, just like in the NBA.

I think the owners were hoping to run around Fehr to win more in the week and they got played.

Next week, the owners will agree to an offer. Book it.

They're dumb. But they're not stupid enough to give Fehr the decertification war he might just want...

Not when the difference is 5 years vs 8 years.

You gotta be kidding me.

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