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12-07-2012, 01:13 PM
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Still some massive faults in this game that will prevent it from having the lifespan that Black Ops 1 had.

Unfortunately/fortunately most of them can be fixed. What's unfortunate is that they probably won't.

1. Makes no sense that a guy can jump onto a window ledge or crouch on stairs and have a full view of the room/playing field and can aim at anything, yet all you see is 2-3 inches of the top of his head. No gun barrel, no shoulder... just the tip of his hat.

2. Haven't checked since the update but the autosniper with no recoil is laughably unbalanced.

3. FMJ is slightly overpowered, however it's completely illogical that I can shoot through foot thick cement yet some select WOOD crates are invincible to any type of FMJ rounds. And back to point 1, of course the people that hide behind these crates have a full view of the playing field yet only have half of their head exposed.

4. Lag seems to be worse now than during launch week.

5. This is by far the worst. The game is pretty much unplayable if you aren't in a party and want to play ground war or anything that doesn't have a mercenary option. The game puts zero effort into matchmaking fair teams. No Treyarch, it's not a brilliant idea to put all the mic players on one team. Players with mics tend to be better, and tend to be in parties more often than not. Rather than split two 4-man parties, the matchmaking system will just put them together. I shouldn't have to turn on my mic or party up just to be on a reasonable team, and even then it's not fun to dominate round after round without a close game for hours when you do get on stacked teams. I tried it out again this morning, partied up with another 2.0+ player and we kept being put on dominant teams even when the game easily could have balanced out the teams. One lobby our team had 5 players with kdr's over 1.75 (my party of 2 + random party of 3) and the other teams best was 1.08. Pathetic.

6. Does domination game mode even exist anymore? When I play GroundWar it's at most played 15-20% of the time. Is it that hard to make a separate playlist for GW Domination? Especially given how smallish the maps are and Treyarch's spawn "system", kill confirmed and TDM are **** at 9v9.

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