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12-07-2012, 02:14 PM
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I've got a bunch of smart phone questions if anyone is interested in weighing in, I'd appreciate the input.

I'm switching from Sprint to Verizon in January. Going to cut my cost in half by joining a family plan with my wife and in-laws. She just upgraded from on old HTC Incredible to an iPhone 4S. I really like a whole lot about her phone. I've got an old HTC EVO and I generally use FireFox to browse. She's using Safari. I noticed I can't use Adobe Flash on her phone, but I understand you can download (for a buck) Puffin for browsing and that will allow you to use Flash. Any truth to this? I wouldn't want to browse with Puffin, and I like Safari, but I'd be happy to make a quick switch just to use Flash whenever the need arises. Is this practical?

I really enjoy using her 4S a whole heck of a lot more than my EVO or her Incredible. The main thing I don't like is the smaller screen size. If I stick with Android, I'll go with the Note II for the DNA - and REALLY go with a BIG screen. Mostly because I like a big fat keyboard.

I noticed the iPhone 5 has a longer screen but the landscape keyboard is the same on the 4S because they stupidly added more grayspace rather than making the buttons larger.

The only difference I've seen in the 4S and the 5 that would matter to me is 4G capability. The 5 can use Verizon 4G but the 4S cannot. Is that accurate?

How useful is 4G to non WiFi web browsing? Is 4G all over these days, or still in relatively limited areas? I can use 4G with the DNA and the NoteII, I assume, right?

I guess I'm trying to narrow my selection from the familiar DNA and the tempting Note II and the cheaper 4S and the seemingly same ol' 5 (other than 4G).

I'm just trying to figure out what the right fit is. Will I be frustrated by the iPhone limitations? Is screen size as important to me as I think? Is 4G something I'm going to use frequently and miss not having?

I only use my phone for web browsing. I don't make many phone calls. I don't do much texting. I don't facebook or twitter. I play zero games. I like youtube and pandora. I bounce around websites. hfboards, wikipedia, tsn, coyotes, etc are favorites. standard sites.

Also, my ipod is about broken. It's eight years old and falling apart. I like iTunes and I like iPod. If I don't get an iPhone, I will end up buying an iPod. I really cannot see myself using another MP3 player. I'm too old and crusty to make that switch. iPod use is daily and is important. I understand that with either an iPhone 5 or 4S, I'll be able to use it as a 16G iPod, is that right?

Is the 4G on the i5 worth the extra hundred bucks over the 4S?

Is the NoteII or DNA so much better than the iPhones that it's worth buying the Android product AND an iPod? Effectively a difference of a few hundred bucks?

All general chatter, and any input of any kind is more than welcome. I'm totally ignorant and don't know what I want. I'm also a cheapskate and this decision actually does represent a large one for me. Probably more so than most people.

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