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12-07-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by calvinguy View Post
I personally prefer Telus because they don't enforce their download limits. You can essentially download as much as you want every month without any consequences. When I was with Shaw, they would constantly phone me and tell me I was going over their limit.

Otherwise they are pretty even. A lot of it also depends on where you live. Some areas just have poor services for that particular provider.
If telus is going to keep not enforcing them, why are they dropping their limits in Feb? Frankly living under a duopoly is lame. Telus and Shaw both suck in different ways. I am currently switching back to shaw because if telus is going to have the same download limits, I may as well get the faster speeds.

It sure would be nice if we had a government that looked out for its citizens. I think they should nationalize the "last mile" and allow for some real competition in the marketplace. As it stands now, there is no way for a newcomer to break into the market because the infrastructure setup costs are way too high. Pipe dream though. The telcom lobbyists would never allow it. They'd start spouting off about Communism or something.

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