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12-07-2012, 02:23 PM
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I've clearly moved over to the owners side at this time. From recent reports, the NHL has offered up more money ($300M up from $211M) to cover existing contracts but asked for a longer term CBA in return to help them spread the cost over a longer period and also (I suspect) to get sponsors and fans on board.

What fans in their right mind want a contract shorter than 8-10 years? Which sponsors will want their brand tarnished by associating with a business that will face another farcical lockout or strike in 5-6 years?

The players are clinging to the ideology that they are giving up a lot by going from 57% to 50% and refuse to budge on anything else yet the damage that has already been done will far outpace any loss from future contracts caused by the reduced percentage over the term of a new CBA. The worse part is that a full 1/3 of these players (signed and unsigned) will probably never get another NHL contract anyway and many more will be in their declining years and wouldn't have received top dollars either. So who are they fighting for? Will the kid in College or Juniors now who might earn $1M per year when he graduates to the NHL really notice the theoretical $70,000 more he might have earned. Maybe it's the 2-3 guys per team who might have earned $7-10M who would be affected most. Is anyone supposed to shed a tear for them if they get a few grand less on their deal? Not even counting what the players have already lost this year, one could easily argue that 50% or a healthy NHL is as good or better than 57% of a damaged one. Just do some math!

Chris Campoli doesn't even have a contract yet he speaks on TV for the players? Some of the other PA spokesmen wouldn't be missed if they never played another NHL game either. Get real guys! The rank and file short career players had better wake up and take control before it's too late. They will be the big losers in this game. Donald Fehr has no long term investment in the NHL or NHLPA.

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