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12-07-2012, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
So to be clear, you're on the side of the guy who doesn't care if he leaves the League in a fiery pit, as long as he wins?
I'm on no side, bro. I said right at the start I want the owners to win term limits.

I also was pretty clear that Fehr cares little for the game (and have been adamant about that for months). He is paid to squeeze the best deal he can from the league. Period. It is business to him. That is why he never gets emotional like Bettman.

The owners and Bettman act butt hurt every time he pushes for more, acting like it is an act of treason.

Fehr flipped the script by getting 100m more on make whole, putting it in his pocket and saying now give me this to. It is exactly what Bettman did with the 24% rollback. When Bettman did it, it was being a tough negotiator getting the best deal for his side. Fehr does the same thing and Bettman throws a hissy fit.

Man the **** up and act like professionals. You are representing the league. You ARE the face of the league. What Bettman did last night was sickening and uncalled for.

We were told they were staying in NY until a deal was done... Three days later when things don't go their way, Bettman does his rehearsed act on stage and Burkle and Tannenbaum high tail it out of town.

That they give up and keep pulling this **** every time it gets hard, doesn't bother you?

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