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12-07-2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
In fairness, I left out the part where I put the three of us in a room together (went out for drinks about a year ago). My gf brought one of her friends and the two of them had their own conversation all night. I was right friggin' pissed about that.
"put?" Does this mean you orchestrated it without asking whether she was cool with it? I don't know, if I were worried about my bf cheating on me with a girl I wouldn't want anything to do with the girl in question. I would have done the same or just not gone.

If she's not okay with you being friends with the girl she isn't going to want to hang out with her either.

Sounds to me like you are pushing this girl onto your gf when all she wants is for you to stop talking to the girl. Both of you are unwilling to compromise so in the end it will wear down your relationship unless one of you makes a decision. (either she becomes okay with it [unlikely] or you ceasing contact with this female friend) those seem to be the only two options if you guys are to stay together.

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