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12-07-2012, 01:47 PM
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My primary issue is still the lag comp issues. I know lag is a reality with every online game, but BO2 seems like the worst I've ever played in terms of lag struggles. Putting almost half a clip into a guy without getting a single hit marker is absolutely unacceptable. Latency will always be an issue - I get that - but this degree of latency is outright ruining the game. It's absurd I can maintain host status for 10+ games, racking up 3+ KDR game after game, then find a lobby in which I'm not host and struggle to maintain a 2.00 KDR. That's bad.

My overall KDR finally dipped below 2.00 again last night. Fairly frustrating. It's not the end of the world - I'm still at 1.99 - but it's still extremely frustrating. Going for long stretches of dominating everything you see to long stretches of total suck = frustrating.

And yeah, target finder. Noob status. There are MAYBE two maps it's acceptable on: Turbine and Carrier. Everything else is too small or maze like for it to be effective. It's terrible at rushing any kind of objective and encourages camping and ADSing.

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