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Originally Posted by PerryTurnbullfan View Post
You all may not like my opinion. Based on the history of prospects with the Blues....I'm having a hard time deciding, if Schwartz or Rattie will be able to translate to the pro game. I hope they both prove me wrong, but I'm afraid we may have a Doug Palazzari in Schwartz. Rattie is kind of the same way. They are small and neither possesses breakaway speed. We will have to see, if they have the moxy, mettle, and heart for the next level. Are they strong enough on their stick for the next level? Do they have Perron and McDonald's strong stick skills? I think that if Rattie or Schwartz are not put on the top 2 lines, then they will have to be in the AHL. Given both of their defensive reputations, they both will have to put up numbers or they will not be in the NHL very long. May be tough for both to make it on the Blues roster given their roster make up already.

From what I've seen of Jaskin since crossing the pond, he has passed them both as an NHL prospect. He has top line potential, but could also bang on the 3rd line working his way up to the top two lines. Size, speed, and skill are an NHL recipe. Like Tarasenko, the Blues will find a place for him to play when the time comes.
Rattie is listed at 6 feet tall. He has gained some weight as recently as last summer, and is now in the low-mid 170s. I fully expect him to be 6 ft. tall, 185 to 190 lb when he starts playing in The NHL. With good luck, he'll already have that bulk when he starts his first pro season (AHL?). Despite not being a superfast skater, he has a good chance of his offensive game translating well to The NHL because of his offensive sense (offensive positioning and play anticipation) and his good shoot with quick release. He knows where to be and when, and gets there quickly, and has a good hard shot that he gets off quickly. He passes decently, too. He should be able to score in The NHL. In his prime he should be 6 ft. tall and wigh 190 to 195. That is NOT a small size that would hinder an NHL winger. Schwartz is 5 ft. 9 in. 190. HIS size hurts him a bit. But he should be effective in The NHL because of his anticipation of plays, knowing where to be and when, good passing ability, and seeing the ice well. He should be a VERY GOOD set-up man. Jaskin may or may not turn into a high-producing power forward. He must improve several aspects of his game.

Really, I look for Rattie to be a regular 30-goal scorer in The NHL, and 50-60 sniper, Schwartz to be a 20-25 goal 50-65 point set-up man, and Jaskin anywhere from not becoming an NHL regular forward, to being a 55-60 point 25-30 goal scoring power forward.

It will be interesting to watch them develop (although there's a reasonable one of them gets trade off as part of the package for a veteran #2 defenceman.

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